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Our Processing Plant

Our processing plant Deli Honduras S.A., is strategically located near our farms. This location gives us the capacity to produce the highest quality shrimp, because we bring our product from the farm to the plant in a very short time. We control all aspects of production from egg to finished product, we have complete traceability and total control over quality. Our on-site microbiological laboratory and our quality control program allows us to assure the safety and quality of our product. Our plant is, of course, BRC certified.


AT 6,000 SQUARE METERS SEAJOY’S PROCESSING PLANT is one of the largest — and most modern — shrimp processing plants in the region, capable of producing more than 100,000 pounds of finished product a day. About 60 percent of our production is value-added, including peeled and deveined meats, butterfly cuts, skewers, raw breaded, and cooked shrimp. The cold storage capacity is one (1) million pounds of finished product.

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Our plant is BRC certified

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If your customers are happy, we’re happy. That’s why we never compromise when it comes to our total commitment to produce a premium quality product. Our goal at Seajoy is to produce and deliver the best quality shrimp possible: fresh, safe, consistently sized, and environmentally sustainable.